Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Injury! Help!

About a week ago, I noticed a sharp pain in my left side centered in the rib cage area. I had been running a bit so didn't think much of it. I brushed it off...running produces aches and pains right??
Except this pain didn't go away. It got more severe as the weekend started. I did a solid 20 with Steve on Saturday, and then another 16 with LRRC folks on Sunday. The pain was there, manageable, but still there. It didn't hurt while I was running but when I finished on Sunday afternoon I had-what I can only describe as a full on attack that left me gasping for air and writhing in pain on the floor. It was very severe and localized in my left rib cage area. The pain wrapped around from the back to the front of the ribs and lasted 20-25 minutes. After a half hour the pain eased somewhat and two hours after the attack it was totally gone! As if I'd never had any pain. Hmmm.
Yesterday same story except not quite as severe. I couldn't drive however, and was basically incapacitated for almost two hours. The difference with the second attack is that there is a fair amount of residual pain.Ibuprofen doesn't seem to do a thing, and I'm at a loss here. As I write there is difficulty in breathing, a bit of upsetness in the gut, and a pain radiating into my left shoulder. Peg called our insurance company, I spoke to a RN who determined that 1. it was not a life threatening issue, and 2. yes, I should see someone. Brilliant!
Tomorrow I have an appointment with a GP and am hoping for the best. Not running is NOT AN OPTION...... At least for race #1 in the Beast series on February 13th.
I bagged running yesterday and today. we'll see about tomorrow, but I'm hoping that I'm alright to do a final long run on Sunday.

Only time will tell.......

So suggestions, comments, sarcastic remarks? Bring it on.

My mom-who knows everything about medicine (not)-is positive that it is Pleurisy-a disease that does have many symptoms in common with me.


  1. Hope the outcome is something totally benign and that you can get to the start at HL! Keep us posted!!

  2. I am clueless on this one, so no speculation on my part. I hope whatever it is calms down so that you can get to and through Holiday Lake. See you there and I look forward to hearing that the issue resolves itself.

  3. drink more water and pop a vicodin.

  4. sounds like the onset of a heart attack!