Friday, February 5, 2010


Thanks to all who posted to the blog-even the anonymous folks.  Hey free speech right? As of Friday night-when I now can sit upright!-I thought I would spend this snowy night talking a little common sense about Pneumonia (yes), heart attacks (definitely no), Pleurisy (nope), and why I run (it definitely isn't about the beast series.)

I went to the ER about 10:30 p.m. on Wednesday evening when the tightness and stabbing became too tough to "suck it up."  I'm no stranger to the "pain cave" and I can tell you that around 50 miles into a race you have to be pretty tough mentally. And after tougher race years than 2010 on my calendar (except for Hellgate 100K) I can also tell you that I have a pretty good idea about what my limitations are.  I'm also not going to be stupid about my running (short or long term.) My friend Sophie says sometimes DNS means "did nothing stupid." That's the correct thing to do when the the diagnosis is Bacterial Pneumonia. Believe me I didn't order up this particular disease.  In fact this is the first time I've been sick in 20 plus years.Pneumonia is nothing to be cavalier about, and I'd like to think that in running nearly 30 ultras and marathons in the past five years has given me the wisdom and patience to work through what ever ails me and come out on the other side happy and stronger.

So maybe I won't get the beast this year.  So what? In the big picture I run to spend time with friends, my wife, and seeing new trails. For now -today that's enough


  1. Well said, my friend. You don't have to defend your race plans, training, or goals to anyone! What "anonymous" doesn't know is that you made some smart choices last year when life got in the way and that's the reason you are so hungry to get back on track this year. And yes, you will come out of this happy and stronger.

    Wait and see...the snow on the ground at Holiday Lake will make it a hike/run anyway---they have 8 inches and counting!

  2. Thanks Sophie. You don't know how much your words, counsel, and friendsip means to me. I haven't entirely ruled out running Saturday, but given how I feel right now I can't see a way that I wouldn't hurt myself. My lungs have been on fire since last Sunday, and finally-just today- I started bringing up some lung mucus. The legs feel fine, but not having eaten much since last Tuesday I'm pretty woozy. If the pain goes away this week AND the weather moderates I'll consider a run to see what my lungs feel like....Never having been really sick before I have no way to guage pain levels accurately, but when you tear up due to the pain I would say it's significant.

    My main concern is the ultranube (Steve Goss.) I really want him to achieve this and I know that he's ready for it physically. I know Mark McKennett is going, and maybe Steve can run the first loop with him. Mark's slow and steady and, of course, a chatty boy too which always helps on the first loop eh?
    Nothing to do today except sleep some more-Peg is shoveling snow! We had a huge amount that is still coming down-maybe 18 inches?? Who knows....
    Thanks again Shining and be well. J.R>

  3. J.R., Glad to hear you now know what is going on. Hate to hear it is pneumonia, but with a strong set of lungs you will bounce back quickly. Let your body heal before you attempt a long one. The Beast Series will be around in 2011. Your body will be glad that you gave it some time to rest. Rick