Sunday, February 28, 2010

Mid Winter Inspiration

I went for a short trail run today slogging through the deep snow on trails. It was a beautiful day-not too cold, a bit of sunshine then a bit of snow, pretty trails, and good friends. There is a season for everything and I know that under the snow is the trail that I love so much.  It will be there soon enough. The wild flowers will start to bloom, the days will get longer, and the runs will start to feel better and better.

Don't rush things is the mantra for February. Everything in it's time.  The distances will lengthen like the days, the uphills will get easier, and there will be less pain as spring comes.

After getting home this afternoon I found a great link on Trail Running Soul, a great web site with videos and stories. I'm planning to run my first 100 miler this year in October at the Grindstone 100. On Trail Running Soul there is a fantastic series of six, ten minute videos, which together make up a documentary called A Race For The Soul. If you wonder why people attempt extreme things (like running 100 miles) watch this incredibly inspirational film.

Can I run 100 miles?  I don't know.  I know that I have to try.  I need to do something epic in my life and running 100 miles is certainly pushing the limits of what is possible for me.  (Especially at 51 years)

The question is.....How bad do I want it?


  1. 2009 Grindstone was my 1st tough 100 miler that I completed. Two dnf's at MMT and two finishes at Umstead. For me, it was extremely tough, but with the right mindset and crew support, it is very doeable. Just keep going forward. You will reach your goal, even at the age of 51. Spring will be here sooon!

  2. Remember the WS100 documentary I lent you in DVD form? It was "A Race For The Soul!" THE most inspiring documentary on the 100 mile race, and WS, hands down. Good stuff!

    Rick is right---I would say that Gstone is VERY doable for a first-time 100 given the cut-offs and weather...even more so than something more runnable such as WS. Good training, good nutrition and solid pacing will get you to the finish! Looking forward to seeing you at Terrpain!

  3. Rick, Thanks for your kind words. The mindset is key, and I also know just about every inch of the Gstone course, so that helps too. I think I'd go crazy at Umstead....round and round and round....
    See you at Terrapin? You camping??

    Sophie, I certainly DO remember the DVD! It was awesome then and even more so know as I gear up for the season. Even though I couldn't do the beast this year I'm still committed to the series as if I were. I'll just be one race shy of the actual goal. :)
    I'm coming down to Elizabeth's FA on the 13th! Just a slow training slog for me. Looking forward to seeing you at Terrapin!

  4. For me mindset and crew support is extremely important. Only being able to run a couple of days a week is not the ideal way to train for anything, let alone a 100 miler, but that is what I work with. Due to a deficiency in my conditioning, the mindset and crew is what gets me through it. When you have a wife like Tammy who is telling you to get up and get out of an aid station and to move forward, it gets hard to argue. It is even worse when you have another person (like Beth Minnick) at Grindstone to help share that crew support. They ran the last 50 miles with me a Grindstone. How can a person quit when you have that support. Beth is unable to help at this year's Grindstone, so Tammy's ability to help me might be limited. I am going to have to train a bit better and step up to the plate.

    Umstead is a tough place to run, but it is not too bad. Only 8 loops and they do look alot different from daylight to dark. It is a race where there is not the need for alot of planning. You can really make it by carrying some nutrion and one bottle, plus you are not out there for ever either. I would have run it again this year, but it is the same day as Terrapin. Guess what won out. Terrapin.

    We are not camping at Terrapin, but staying in grand style at the Super 8 in Bedford. Works well for our little group and only a short drive to the race, plus it is dry. If you camp, be sure to get under the pavilion if rain is in sight.